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Kitchen Material Basic and Advanced

Here the asked LIST: the must have Kitchen Materials for aspiring cook, CAP/Commercial Cookery Cert III and Culinary Arts program!  As requested by lot's of you here is the list and a good idea of the basic materials you need as an aspiring cook. If you later decide to pursue professional certifications, you will already have the right tools. How handy! Revision:  2023 Photo by Oleksandr Kurchev   As you may know already I pursue the Australian Cert III in Commercial Cookery and the French CAP (as a “candidat libre”) while becoming a chef. This list is a solid guidance inspired by professional institutions and additional equipments you will need to get and master during your training. If you are interested in professional certifications, please have a look at my articles on French CAP (coming soon) and Commercial Cookery Cert III   for more information.  Essential Kitchen Items: Kitchen Tools (The List bellow) (Professional) Non-slip Shoes (Professional) Uniform (recommend ha

Welcome @CKitchenAtelier

Hi! I'm Chloe from CKitchenAtelier my french cooking atelier overseas, let's chat and explore about food techniques, recipes, training, tea and everything interesting related to cooking/patisserie here.                                                                             What is CKitchenAtelier Currently (2023), CKitchenAtelier is a welcoming space for all foodies, but it will continue to evolve over time. So, welcome here and let's get started! Ah and also, I am a geek and I love productivity so you may find some tech/productivity stuff along the way ;) Want to be in touch? Contact me  ---------- What is on the menu Professional learning guide: Commercial Cookery Cert III & IV CAP cuisine Recipes Ingredients Techniques Chef’s profiles Kitchen equipment Geekery

Vanilla Almond Macarons

Here the recipe for those delicious melt-in-your-mouth, crispy-on-the-outside macaron-style biscuits!  A perfect accompaniment to tea or coffee, these delectable treats are inspired by French macarons, but are much easier to bake. They're great for sharing and won't last long!                                                                                    View this post on Instagram A post shared by CKA (@ckitchenatelier) Getting ready !  Ingredients Ratio: approx. 20 macaroons   2 egg whites 1 tsp of salt 150g of almond meal or almond powder  50g white flour T45 (or all purpose white flour type)  150 g of white sugar vanilla powder or vanilla extract (optional) a splash of rum (optional)  icing sugar to coat (approx. 75g)  20 blanched almonds (approx. 25g) (optional) Equipments : Whisk or food processor Small saucepan Maryse also known as Rubber spatula Sifter Baking paper or  Silpat-type Silicon mat * Bowls Oven Preparation & Cooking P